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Our Executive Briefs provide you with all the info and breaking news you need in easy-to-process, digestible formats. This is ideal for lunch break reading or the hard working parent on the go.

If there’ a course of action pending that may impact your life, you’ll find it here. Combine these with our Presidential News pieces and you’ll be able to move through each week with a well-rounded, balanced sense of what’s going on in the world.

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Presidential News

Our Presidential News category covers the news of the day, from the state house to the Supreme Court to the White House.

Executive Briefs

Published in bite-sized chunks, Presidential Daily’s Executive Briefs are your way to stay updated on critical information when you’re on the go.

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Welcome to Presidential Daily! This is a news outlet focused on publishing information about American news and global policy that affects every American on a state, local, and individual level. We are a sentinel, ready to provide the most critical information to our readers.

We are a trustworthy, US-based publication focused on family values and understanding the mind of the average hard working American. Our general Presidential News pieces, as well as our Executive Briefs, are here to make sure you stay informed throughout your busy day, whether you’re a stay at home mom running kids to extracurricular activities or a field worker on an oil rig.

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