Illegal Immigrant Arrested, Accused of Assaulting Cop, Family Members

According to a news release, Boston authorities recently reported the arrest of an illegal migrant with ties to MS-13. The individual was charged with attacking family members and police officers.

Authorities at Boston’s Enforcement and Removal Operations (ERO) said in a news release that a 27-year-old Salvadoran man was taken into custody and faces charges of resisting arrest, assault and violence on a police officer, and battery and assault on a household member.

Officials have chosen not to identify the illegal migrant who was arrested on March 28 by deportation authorities associated with ERO Boston near his home in Chelsea, Massachusetts.

Director of the ERO Boston Field Office Todd M. Lyons said that the Salvadoran national posed a danger to the inhabitants of Massachusetts due to his membership in a violent street gang.

The United States Border Patrol captured the illegal migrant on November 14, 2014, after he unlawfully entered the country. Three days after being brought into removal procedures, he was discharged.

He was taken into custody by the Chelsea Police Department in 2016 on charges of possessing a dangerous weapon.

The illegal migrant appealed his November 2016 deportation order from ICE, which had ordered his deportation back to El Salvador.

In October 2021 in Maryland, ERO Baltimore detained the illegal migrant after ICE authorities freed him again on May 25, 2018, as a result of a supervision order. The order had been canceled at that point. Despite his re-entry into the United States at a time and date that remain a mystery, the illegal migrant was returned to El Salvador on October 22, 2021, according to authorities.

The individual in question was apprehended a second time by the Chelsea Police Department on May 2, 2023. ERO Boston had already issued an immigration detainer against him. Officials said that seven days later, the illegal migrant was freed from local detention on bond because Chelsea District Court refused to uphold the detainer.

According to the news statement, the Salvadoran national was subsequently arraigned for assault and battery in the Chelsea District Court on November 21, 2023. The Pacific Enforcement Response Center had already lodged a detainer against him.

The detainer was disregarded once again, and the illegal migrant was freed until March 2024, when authorities again apprehended him.