2024 Atlantic Hurricane Season Predicted to be Most Active on Record

In the calendar year 2023, many natural disasters occurred within the continental (and outside of the mainland) United States which were harrowing. Many tropical storms, hurricanes, and even wildfires occurred that made a lasting and significant impact on the events of the year and the lives of thousands of Americans. In Hawaii, the wildfires in Maui claimed dozens of lives and resulted in millions of dollars in serious damages. The late summer blaze was the deadliest incident of its kind in the history of the United States, and so many tragic stories emerged from the beleaguered island that were heart wrenching. In early April 2024, a 4.0 magnitude earthquake struck the New York City-Philadelphia Region, largely affecting residents in the state of New Jersey. While no significant damages or any loss of life occurred directly from the incident, the incident was quite alarming, as many individuals in this region are not usually used to experiencing earthquakes. The occurrence has been altogether quite infrequent in the general geographical area of the tri-state area in recorded American history.

On the east coast in western Florida and across several southern states, Hurricane Idalia wreaked havoc on coastal communities and inland areas alike. It is well-known that the domestic economic affairs are dreary at best, and the weather, which has been as turbulent as the economy, has mirrored the overall climate of instability within America of late. Paired with these natural phenomenon’s, cities across America have experienced sharp increases in crime over the last several years. Violent crime levels still remain higher than in pre-COVID (2020) years.

Back to hurricanes- according to a recent report, Hurricane season in the calendar year of 2024 is set to be one of the most active on record. According to a report by meteorologists at Colorado State University over 23 named storms have already been predicted. Experts cite warming temperatures in the Atlantic Ocean and the La Nina.