Taylor Swift’s Dad Cleared Of Assault Charges

After a thorough investigation, Scott Swift, Taylor Swift’s father, has been cleared of all charges of assault relating to an alleged incident in Australia. An Australian photojournalist said that her father had hit him in the face.

The incident reportedly occurred on February 27, which was also Taylor’s last gig of the Eras Tour. The North Shore Police Command completed its investigation and found no need for more action.

Ben McDonald reportedly said that when he and his daughter were getting off a luxury boat in the wee hours of the morning, Scott approached them at a Sydney ferry terminal.

Ben said he saw a lady get off the boat and go up to the security personnel who were threateningly waving umbrellas in front of them. He went on to explain how things got out of hand. Later, McDonald identified Scott Swift from a photo on the internet. After 23 years, he told the AP, he hasn’t been in any physical altercations or been hit in the face, especially by the father of the talent.

In response to McDonald’s allegations, Swift’s spokesperson told CNN that two people were shoving their way up to Taylor, trying to seize her security guards, and threatening to throw a female employee into the water.

Ben receives explicit instructions from Scott and a security officer in viral footage, saying not to touch Taylor’s umbrella to conceal herself from the cameras.

After the alleged altercation, Taylor Swift and her group were subsequently seen leaving The Crown Hotel in Barangaroo at about 11:00 a.m. on Tuesday. A few days later, she left the nation to attend her next show in Singapore.

Taylor’s father has been at her side throughout The Eras Tour, devotedly supporting her at many venues and events. Before this incident, Scott gave out sandwiches to his supporters during a crowded Sydney show.

Thankfully, McDonald did not suffer any significant injuries.