About Presidential Daily

Presidential Daily understands, interprets, reflects, and sympathizes with the difficulties Americans experience in their everyday lives. At Presidential Daily, we thrive on family values and a history of respecting the power of the individual American to be self-sufficient. By embracing personal responsibility, we understand that each of us has the power to uphold our rights to privacy, life, and to bear arms.

As strong individuals, we collectively support strong state governments that embrace and reflect our values. We evaluate news, fact, and opinion with a critical lens, ensuring a confidence in a separation of powers and the right of each of us to pursue the American Dream.

This means our focus is on bettering America and allowing each state and local government to empower individual citizens to care for their families and to protect themselves. It means respecting, supporting, and funding law enforcement and taking pride in the endeavors of our mighty military presence around the globe and domestically.

What You Can Expect from Presidential Daily

Presidential Daily aims to inspire, inform, and educate you about how you can protect yourself, your family, and your community as you pursue the American Dream and enshrine our way of life in the hopes of the next generation. This comes from a firm understanding that America is exceptional and that we are a chosen people when it comes to being a shining example of liberty and freedom around the world.

We present a united front of individuals who are justice-bringers. When we each know how to take responsibility for our own lives and create and sustain a society that supports personal responsibility, we are able to do so much more. The right to self-defense is a core value; while we believe in the goodness and effectiveness of law enforcement and the military of the United States of America, we know it’s up to each and every person to know how to defend themselves, train up, and be willing to do so.

We provide a forum for our writers to express what they want, whether that means protecting their religious communities or finding new ways to offer support to veterans, active duty military, and officers.

What We Publish

When you become a Presidential Daily reader, you can expect a critical, focused view on foreign and domestic policy. We are concerned with how political decisions affect our communities and families, and stand firmly against big government overreach or the federal government trying to impose its will on individual states and communities.

We are strong believers in the rights of states to determine what is best for their own citizens, and recognize that different states will make different choices. We encourage values that enable states to be a haven to protect the sanctity of life and to preserve individual rights. We expect communities to continually create and maintain support for their local law enforcement while still supporting a legal, well-regulated militia.

Presidential News

Our Presidential News category covers the news of the day, from the state house to the Supreme Court to the White House. We understand that daily decisions made in these legislative, judicial, and executive offices hang in careful balance, and we keep watch over the decisions they make and how they affect individual states and communities. You’ll see any government overreach come under scrutiny on Presidential Daily, and we break it down and explain why these issues are important to every American.

We also place an emphasis on voting to protect individual rights and freedoms. During election season especially, you’ll see content informing you about hot button issues. As American citizens pursuing the American Dream, we must be actively involved in creating and responding to current events and measures implemented by the government on a federal level.

Executive Briefs

When specific legislation comes up, you’ll get our Executive Briefs. These alerts suggest a course of action and are meant to keep you informed immediately. Published in bite-sized chunks, Presidential Daily’s Executive Briefs are your way to stay updated on critical information when you’re on the go. This is key to helping us keep jobs in America and to help the American individual and American worker.

Contact Us

If you’re interested in getting in touch with Presidential Daily or have some vital news to share, please contact us directly at [email protected]. You may provide any concerns, feedback, questions, news tips, and story ideas. We love interacting with our readers and helping them find their own way to the American Dream.


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