Flight Attendant’s Home Broken Into, Says Attack Driving Her to Quit

After arguing with other guests and staff, a British Airways flight attendant was kicked out of a Maldives hotel that cost £2,000 ($2,489.23) a night.

A staff member allegedly spent the whole night “screaming and screeching” with her two passengers after indulging in their all-inclusive drinks package; the airline is now reviewing the matter.

After enduring a horrific event on the job, Destanie, a flight attendant from Philadelphia, has spoken up about how flying has affected her mental health and caused her worry.

Destanie stayed with her daughter and a friend who had taken advantage of cheaper costs by using work travel advantages. Following the altercation, the hotel personnel dared to oust the whole team from the establishment.

Last Wednesday, Destanie made her way back to Heathrow. The next day, her daughter and friend also took a flight back. The video Destanie posted online has gone viral, with over 4,700 views. In it, she opens up about the awful assault she endured when someone broke into her house and how it has affected her ability to have joyfulness.

The poor wages and unpredictable schedule of her cabin crew job make her question how much longer she can stay. Before sharing some “heavy” details regarding her life, she warned online that she was “vulnerable.”

A guy assaulted her after breaking into her house in October. Despite her success in “fighting him off,” the experience left her scarred. The two months of unpaid vacation she was forced to take from her job was very stressful.

After the two months off, she returned to Philadelphia, but this time, she chose to relocate to a suburb with her former roommate.

Although treatment benefited Destanie at the time, she now knows that PTSD will always be a part of her. It was perplexing; she felt her life might take a dozen different turns. While she enjoyed her work, she was finding that it was causing her more and more stress, she claimed after the video.