Homeowner in SoCal Shoots Armed Intruders, Family Not Injured

Early on Tuesday, April 16th, a resident in Newport Coast, Orange County, California, fired shots at armed home intruders, triggering a substantial police reaction.

A 911 call was received by the Newport Coast Police Department at about 5 in the morning on Tuesday from a resident of the upscale Pelican Heights area reporting a house invasion.

There were three people inside the home.
Two females (one juvenile) and one male. No harm came to them.

One of the two intruders was shot by someone inside the home.  A suspect was discovered lying wounded from multiple gunshots on the pavement with his firearm, according to the police.

A Special Weapons and Tactics (SWAT) team from the Orange County Sheriff’s Office assisted.

Nearby, in the bushes, lay the body of a second suspect who had shot himself in the head.

Police say the invasion wasn’t by chance. The suspects knew the homeowner, and the public was not informed of any other specifics about their relationship.

There was no danger to the neighborhood, according to Newport Beach police, who emphasized that it was a premeditated home invasion.

Sgt. Steve Oberon of the Newport Beach Police Department said that they have knowledge of a connection between the two suspects and the victims, who are locals.

According to a report, most of these communities, particularly Pelican Heights, are gated and have guards stationed there 24 hours a day. The police emphasize that the suspects had a relationship with the homeowner or the people living there, which is likely how they gained access.


Newport Beach Mayor Will O’Neill commended the homeowner for his vigilant actions in safeguarding his family and property. He said it was a perfect illustration of how Newport Beach protects itself when criminals enter the city.

The invasion on Tuesday morning was reportedly not linked to the South American gangs or theft rings.

Thieves from South American criminal networks have been conducting a series of high-tech burglary tourism operations aimed at wealthy Orange County, California residences. As soon as they reach America, the suspects often conduct a round of break-ins before escaping on tourist visas.