Billionaire Banker Says Americans ‘Frustrated Over Migration’, Agrees With Them

For generations and over the centuries in which the United States has existed as a sovereign and independent nation (and even prior), individuals from across the world have arrived and journeyed to the shores of the nation in search of the “American dream”. Unfortunately, in the modern sense, the reality of this dream has greatly diminished. A majority of individuals continue to live paycheck to paycheck as wages continues to stagnate and the buying power of the dollar diminishes. Even more alarmingly, in a recent report the cost of home ownership is out of reach in 99% of the nation for average individuals, reaching its lowest affordability point since 2007.

Internationally and domestically, America is in chaos. In late 2023, Hamas terrorists invaded Israel, and murdered over 1,000 innocent civilians. President Biden has been largely defended by the friendly left-wing media outlets that dominate American television, but in reality it is his incompetent leadership that has been on full display over the last several years that is to blame for the deteriorating situation in the Middle East. After botching the American withdrawal from Afghanistan in 2021 which resulted in the deaths of 13 American servicemembers, Biden has repeatedly attempted to restore the Iran Nuclear Deal that was put in place by the Obama administration but rescinded by Donald Trump. He has also failed in these efforts.

In truth, the state of affairs for all of the western world (and humanity at large) is increasingly worrisome. It is apparent to all that American dominance is no longer guaranteed, and that the American Federal government is dysfunctional and weak. One banker named Jamie Dimon, a billionaire CEO for JPMorgan Chase, echoed these obvious realities in a statement. Dimon claimed that the American political establishment has failed over the last several decades and that American citizens and people across the world at large are suffering due to this reality. The future is uncertain.