The US Military shot down multiple kamikaze drones launched by terrorists in the area of the Arabian Peninsula last week.

US Central Command (CentCom) issued a statement on April 10 saying that their forces successfully destroyed three UAVs (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles) that had been launched from those areas of Yemen which are controlled by the Houthis. Two of the drones went airborn over the Golf of Aden, while one originated over the Red Sea. Later that same day, CentCom forces engaged and successfully destroyed eight drones in Houthi-con trolled zones.

The UAVs in question threatened merchant, coalition, and American vessels in the area, according to the statement. No deaths or injuries occurred as a result of the incidents, and no ships suffered any damage.

The Houthi terrorists in Yemen are funded by Iran and serving Iran’s strategic agenda. These attacks come while US forces are on high alert for aggression from Iran, its proxies, and its allies directed against Israel. Tensions are high due to the Israeli killing of one of Iran’s top generals last week, because that general was allegedly part of the brain trust which planned Hamas’s attacks against Israel on October 7 of last year.

Bloomberg News reports that US officials believe that a major retaliatory attack is imminent, and the only question is the timing. It Is expected that when the attack comes, Iran and its proxies will use drones and guided missiles aimed at targets within Israel.

Over the past few days, Israel has conducted air force drills, including for sorties targeting nuclear facilities within Iran, according to the Times of Israel.

Prime Minister Netanyahu of Israel warned that his nation will not hesitate to take preemptive military action against any threat it believes it faces. Iran, he said, has been conducting direct and indirect attacks against Israel for several years. Israel has noticed. Those who plot to harm Israel, he said, Israel will harm.