Russia Suspected of Launching Electronic Attacks Against British Flights

According to aviation insiders, thousands of British vacation flights are allegedly being targeted by “extremely dangerous” electronic strikes. The flights seem to be experiencing GPS jamming and spoofing, which creates false signals to fool pilots into thinking the jet is in a different place. 

Authorities have seen increased jamming and spoofing assaults, which the European Aviation Safety Agency has warned about. However, specialists in the field are now claiming that Putin’s troops are responsible for these operations.

Researchers assert that there was a substantial rise in the number of suspected Russian satnav assaults last month, with over 350 attacks per week compared to less than 50 attacks per week the previous year. Between August and March, there were 46,000 documented incidents of satellite navigation problems across the Baltic area. Ryanair operated 2,309 flights, Wizz Air 1,368, British Airways 82, and EasyJet 4. According to reports, seven flights belonging to TUI, an airline that supposedly avoids the Baltic, had satnav problems. 

According to the airline’s statement, the impacted aircraft presumably positioned flights without passengers. Only Virgin Atlantic, another major UK airline that does not operate in the area, was unaffected by the cyberattacks.

According to Dr. Jack Watling, a military specialist at the RUSI think tank, Russia has a history of using GPS jamming as a form of harassment, and the nation is allegedly exposing NATO boundaries to this practice. The UK’s Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) maintains that flying is safe, mentioning the several safety precautions that commercial aircraft use to safeguard their navigation systems. Although GPS jamming is a recognized concern, it does not always indicate that an airplane has been intentionally targeted.

Concurrent with the cyberattacks’ announcement, the US House of Representatives approved a $61 billion military assistance package, which provided a major boost to the Ukrainian military’s battle effort against Russia.