FedEx Pilot Makes Emergency Landing After Boeing 767 Plane Malfunctions

On May 8th, a FedEx cargo plane’s front landing gear failed, forcing a landing at Istanbul Airport in Turkey.

State media reports that the Boeing 767 freight airliner was on its route from Charles de Gaulle Airport in Paris to Istanbul when the pilots noticed that the front landing gear had collapsed.

A Boeing 767 freighter, which has been in service for more than a decade and is derived from the original 767 passenger model from the 1980s, is among the most prevalent types of cargo planes.

Anadolu Agency reports that the Airport Rescue and Firefighting (ARFF) personnel were sent out in response to a request for an emergency landing.

After what seemed like two missed approaches, the jet finally touched down just after 8 AM. Moreover, a former TAP commander claims that the jet allegedly passed over the control tower to visually check the issue.

None suffered injuries, and the crew was able to leave the aircraft.

The plane was towed from Runway 16R.

The front of the jet scraped down the runway before coming to a stop and was splashed with firefighting foam, as shown in video footage, which revealed sparks bursting and smoke. It didn’t appear to have caught fire. After landing, the FedEx plane’s nose touched and dragged down the runway.

Istanbul Governor Davut Gul said that Istanbul Airport is among the world’s most well-equipped airports. Problems with any runway do not affect other flights.

According to IGA’s press release, the ARFF moved the aircraft to a safe place so that takeoff and landing could proceed as planned.

According to IGA, the issue was efficiently handled prior to the scheduled fuselage landing by the ARFF crews positioned on the runway, who acted swiftly to ensure that no injuries were reported.

An inquiry into the landing gear collapse has been initiated by Turkish authorities. However, preliminary assessments suggest that this was a singular incidence rather than a systemic problem with the Boeing 767 airplane.