Atlanta Gas Station Rocked by Shootout, Bystanders Injured

Over the last several years, the world at large has witnessed a sharp increase in international tensions and a deterioration of peaceful diplomacy at the global level. Prior to the 2020 election, Donald Trump served as the 45th president of the United States. During his single term in office, Trump championed the philosophy of “peace through strength” when implementing his foreign policy agenda. Largely, the world benefitted from a strong American executive. Trump had managed to calm down the bombastic North Korean leader Kim Jong Un, and met him on North Korean soil. This marked the first time that an American president actually engaged in a physical act of diplomacy with a leader from the rogue communist nation. Trump had also managed to mitigate a trade deficit with China and was beginning to help the United States gain the “upper hand” in a trade war with the rival power before the COVID-19 pandemic reversed these fortunes.

Crime levels have also skyrocketed in the domestic United States as the southern border remains wide open. Since the beginning of Joe Bidens presidency in 2021, millions of illegal migrants have entered the nation from all over the world through a porous southern border. The federal government has appeared unable or unwilling to address the migrant crisis and has even facilitated the moving of migrants to major cities by bus or plane. This has resulted in overcrowding and logistical issues all throughout the United States. Things continue to worsen as days and weeks pass by.

Crime levels have remained high and America’s major cities have seen the brunt of the increase, although suburban and rural areas have been targeted in increasing numbers as crime has begun to spread beyond traditional urban centers. In the city of Atlanta, a  shootout occurred at a gas station when a gunman wielding an AK-47 began firing sporadically. Three people were wounded in the incident; one arrest was made.