Presidential Candidate Jill Stein Arrested at Washington University Encampment

2024 Presidential candidate Jill Stein was among the group of protesters arrested last Saturday at the Washington University campus in St. Louis while demonstrating against the war in Gaza.

St. Louis police transported hundreds of protesters last Saturday evening and transported them to the county jail in Clayton where about 80, including Stein, were detained. About 200 protesters gathered outside the county jail to show their support for their detained comrades.

The Green Party candidate remained in police custody for six hours and was released early Sunday morning.

In a post on X Saturday night, Stein’s spokesman blasted university officials for allowing police to use force against students, whom she claimed were “simply calling for peace, human rights, and an end to a genocide.”

The university said in a statement that all the protesters arrested on Saturday would face charges of trespassing while others could face additional charges, including resisting arrest and assaulting campus police.

The university said three officers were injured in clashes with protesters, resulting in a groin injury, a broken finger, and a concussion.

According to Stein, she was charged with assaulting a police officer but claimed that it was she who was assaulted.

Stein said she got separated from the crowd of protesters and was assaulted by an officer on a bike, whom she claimed threw her onto her head.

Stein’s campaign manager and deputy campaign manager were also arrested.

In a video posted on X before her arrest, Stein said she was attending the protest to show support for the students who were “standing up” for democracy, human rights, and ending genocide.

A spokesman for Stein’s campaign claimed that the candidate had been trying to de-escalate the situation between police and protesters but the officers were “not responsive” and a short time later, the arrests began.