3-Year-Old Toddler Dies in D.C. After Being Hit by Stray Bullet

A little girl named Ty’ah Settles, who was only three years old and lived in Southeast Washington, passed away on Friday night in the nation’s capital. After the tragic death of their daughter, the girl’s family released statements expressing their profound sorrow.

The SUV Ty’ah was riding in became entangled in the crossfire of a gun conflict close to her house. Tragically, a young life was lost, and another teen was wounded in two separate shootings on Friday. The district is in shock after these horrific episodes of gun violence.

At Dunbar High School in Northwest D.C., a 17-year-old girl was seated in a classroom when a bullet brushed her forehead. As the varsity athlete was speaking with a teacher, the sound of gunshots shocked the teacher, and he saw bullets smashing windows. Court records indicate that the adolescent suffered a severe head injury that exposed her skull.

In the immediate aftermath of the severe injury at the high school, law enforcement acted swiftly and officially charged two teenagers. More arrests are expected in this case. The teens were held without bail after being charged as adults after a video showed them racing down an alleyway.

The murder of Ty’ah Settles is still under investigation. In light of the recent incidents, Mayor Muriel Bowser addressed the issue, calling on the public to desist from the use of weapons and to take precautions to keep children and anyone in possession of firearms safe. Several residents voiced their displeasure with the increased police presence at Dunbar and called for school officials to take a more active role in examining the students’ actions.

Allegedly, another kid at Dunbar could have choked on glass when the windows smashed, according to court records. We anticipate a complete recovery for the pupil and the juvenile who suffered brain injuries. On May 28, the defendants in the Dunbar shooting case are set to make a second court appearance.