Minnesota State Senator Charged With Burglary, Stripped of Committee Assignments

The Air Force veteran, former meteorologist, and current Minnesota state senator facing burglary allegations has revoked her committee responsibilities and is excluded from caucus meetings.

On April 22, Mitchell reportedly broke into the home of her stepmother to get items that belonged to her father, who had passed away last year.

Her release was contingent upon her promise not to communicate with her stepmother since she faces one felony count of first-degree burglary. Despite demands for her resignation, Mitchell maintains her denial that she illegally entered the home.

Mitchell said her stepmother had stopped communicating about her dad’s belongings. Mitchell said in a statement that her stepmother had Alzheimer’s disease.

While Mitchell appeared in court via Zoom last Wednesday, a judge issued a restraining order against her.

Mitchell reportedly told police that she left her home at 1 in the morning with the intention of driving to Detroit Lakes, where her stepmother and her late father resided.

The woman informed the officers that she had gone there to collect cherished mementos, including her dad’s ashes, a flannel shirt, photographs, and more.

According to Bruce Ringstrom Sr., Mitchell’s attorney, the senator and the stepmother have a broken relationship that has been worsened by age-related health concerns. He advised her to rein in her instincts and that she agreed to say nothing publicly.

Later, however, Mitchell denied theft in a Facebook post. Nonetheless, she failed to provide an explanation for her midnight break-in.

Mitchell was also cited as stating that she knew she did something bad in the criminal complaint.

According to the complaint, Mitchell was apprehended while clad entirely in black and sporting a black helmet. According to an officer, he found a black sock covering a flashlight beside her, which he assumed had been done to adjust the beam’s intensity.

According to the accusation, the politician admitted to sneaking into the building through a basement window that had been held open by her black bag.

Officers discovered her Senate ID and a laptop in her bag, which she said that her stepmother gave her long ago, but her stepmother denied the assertion.

An interview with the stepmother revealed her fear of her stepdaughter. She said Mitchell received a little jar containing some of her husband’s ashes, as most of them had already been buried.

Mitchell’s next court appearance is on June 10th.