Witness Video Leaked By Trump-Linked Lawyer

The judge overseeing the Fulton County election interference case granted a request from prosecutors for an emergency protective order after footage from proffer meetings with defendants was leaked to the media, NBC News reported.

Judge Scott McAfee’s protective order prohibits attorneys in the case from sharing sensitive materials with the public and requires the Fulton County District Attorney’s Office to label any evidence it seeks to protect as “sensitive material.”

The judge gave defense attorneys 14 days to challenge the designation on any evidence. Prosecutors were given 30 days to review and label the discovery they had already provided.

The District Attorney’s Office requested the protective order in a November 14 filing after portions of the videotaped proffer statements of Sidney Powell, Kenneth Chesebro, Jenna Ellis, and Scott Hall were leaked to the press.

During the November 15 hearing on the protective order, attorney Jonathan Miller, who is representing co-defendant Misty Hampton admitted that he was the one who shared the videos believing that their release was in the best interest of his client.

Misty Hampton was charged, along with Powell and Hall, for the scheme to obtain access to voting machines in Coffee County, Georgia.

In the portion of her proffer session leaked to ABC News, attorney Jenna Ellis revealed that Trump advisor Dan Scavino had assured her that Trump had no intention of leaving the White House despite losing the election and court challenges.

Sidney Powell admitted in her proffer that she frequently spoke with Trump following the 2020 election and admitted that she was not very knowledgeable about election law.

Powell also reiterated her belief that fraud took place during the 2020 election.

Donald Trump’s lead attorney in the Fulton County case told ABC News that the revelations in the leaked footage were “absolutely meaningless” and said if that was the evidence District Attorney Fani Willis planned to rely on in the trial, the case “must be dismissed.”