Whoopi Goldberg Talks Race War In Edgy Rant

Whoopi Goldberg once again targeted the right-wing in a new rant accusing Florida Governor Ron DeSantis of not liking people of color, according to PJ Media. Her comment came ahead of DeSantis’ official announcement that he was running for president. 

The panel of The View was talking about the strategy of making such an announcement on Twitter Spaces and not on television. Alyssa Farah Griffin took a neutral stance and said that the decision to do so might be good or bad, noting that there was a risk that doing so could provoke former President Donald Trump to come back to Twitter and put out “counter-messaging.” 

Sunny Hostin questioned who it was that advised DeSantis to make his announcement on the social media platform rather than sticking to a traditional televised event. Sara Haines claimed that DeSantis does not have Trump’s charisma and is in a “black hole.” But some conservative commentators believe that DeSantis’ “boringness” may work in his favor, according to American Pigeon

Joy Behar positioned herself for censorship, noting that DeSantis is not able to be fact-checked the same way he would be if he announced on television. Goldberg stressed the fact that she was “old” and does not want to hear his announcement on Twitter. She said that he should be able to take questions from real people, seemingly confusing the concept of a presidential announcement and a town hall. 

But Goldberg seemed to suggest that people of color do not have Twitter. 

“That’s what I want. I don’t want to dislike you,” she said.” “I can’t help it, because you don’t give me any reason, because I don’t understand why do you dislike people of color?”

Goldberg then referenced DeSantis’ attack on critical race theory by saying that he does not like American history. She was likely referring to his 2022 “Stop WOKE Act” which banned critical race theory from being taught in schools.