White House To Override Major Law

On Monday, the White House threatened to veto a House Republican bill to deal with the border crisis now that Title 42 is about to expire, NBC News reported.

In a statement reiterating the Biden administration’s position, the White House said while the president supports efforts to reform the immigration system, he would oppose the House’s “Secure the Border Act.”

The White House claims that the bill would do “nothing to address the root causes of migration” and will reduce “humanitarian protections” and restrict “lawful pathways.”

Republican lawmakers argue that the legislation addresses the current border crisis by mandating 22,000 new Border Patrol agents be hired and trained. It would require Customs and Border Protection to develop a plan to upgrade the current technology used at the border to ensure Border Patrol agents are properly equipped. Additionally, under the bill, the Department of Homeland Security would have to resume construction of the border wall immediately.

House Majority Leader Steve Scalise described the bill as “the strongest border security package that Congress has ever taken up,” and said the House would vote on the bill this month.

But the White House objects to border security. In its statement, the White House argues that the bill would cut off almost all access to humanitarian protections, which it claims is “inconsistent” with the “values and international obligations” of the United States. It also said that the provision banning the use of a mobile app to process illegals and restricting DHS’s parole authority would make processing illegals less efficient.

The White House said while the administration welcomes engagement from Congress on addressing immigration, it claims the “Secure the Border Act” will “make things worse, not better.” According to the White House, the bill “should be rejected” because it will do “very little” to bolster security at the border while trampling on the “core values and international obligations” of the country.