WH Press-Sec Refuses To Answer Hunter Biden Question

On Monday, Karine Jean-Pierre, the White House press secretary, was questioned by Fox News’ Peter Doocy about Hunter Biden’s new home in Malibu.

The Secret Service agents protecting Hunter are holed up at a neighboring mansion of comparable cost. Peter Doocy questioned KJP about the Secret Service’s lavish seaside mansion, asking who foots the bill.

KJV would not respond to the inquiry, saying it was a secret service question.

Hunter Biden has moved into a new $15,800-per-month Malibu house, and his Secret Service detail has also relocated to a neighboring $15,800-per-month residence. Perched on a hill in a gated enclave in Malibu, the new house is a three-bedroom, three-bathroom property with breathtaking ocean views, built in the 1950s. According to the property listings, the home has over 2,500 square feet and is valued at over $4 million.

Next to Hunter’s former house in Malibu was a $30,000/month, six-bedroom Spanish-style estate mansion where Hunter’s minders had been living. Hunter’s annual mortgage will be $189,600, which he will be responsible for paying out of his pocket.

Due to the rising cost of his criminal court case, the First Son may be looking to downsize from his prior $20,000/month residence. The federal judge’s inspection of his plea bargain with Delaware prosecutors over tax charges caused it to fall apart, increasing the likelihood of an expensive and protracted trial. Recent court documents show that he has fired many attorneys, including his star counsel, Chris Clark. Listings for Hunter’s prior abode praised its resort-style architecture, lofty ceilings, and well-equipped kitchen.

Regarding safeguarding the first family, the expense of Secret Service housing has been a point of contention for prior presidents. According to an investigation by the Washington Post in late 2020, the Secret Service spent at least $1.2 million protecting the Trump family at Trump-owned properties.