Vladimir Putin Has A “Secret Train Network”

Capt. Gleb Karakulov of the Federal Protection Service (FSO) has said in an interview that Russian President Vladimir Putin is pathologically terrified for his life. Putin employs many similar offices, no cell phone, and an underground rail system to evade surveillance.

Putin has taken a number of precautions to ensure that no one poses a danger to his life, including setting up a secret rail network, maintaining similar offices in multiple towns, enforcing a tight personal quarantine, and increasing security regulations.

A former bodyguard for Russian President Vladimir Putin who defected has revealed some disturbing information about Putin’s neurotic way of living. 

Gleb Karakulov described the leader’s growing anxiety in his everyday activities, saying Putin is worried about assassination plans. He primarily operates from a protected underground bunker at the Russian Embassy in Kazakhstan.

Karakulov claims to have traveled with Putin on more than 180 occasions and that they have traveled almost exclusively by armored train rather than aircraft due to security concerns.

An in-depth interview with Karakulov by the Dossier Centre verified the top Russian communications engineer’s claims that he often traveled with Putin and helped relay some of his most confidential messages.

The media have appropriately dubbed his homes “bunkers.” For the last several years, he has avoided chiefly public view, preferring to spend his time inside. He suffers from a morbid fear of death. He creates a bubble of silence and isolation about himself by imposing strict quarantines.

On his October 2022 visit to Kazakhstan, Karakulov detailed setting up covert communications for Putin on aircraft, helicopters, luxurious boats, and even in a bomb bunker at the Russian embassy. Karakulov eventually escaped to Turkey and went to an unnamed place in the west.

Karakulov said that he and his family left in October after years of worrying for their safety.