Video Shows Plane Crash Landing Right Into a Car

According to local news, on Saturday, a single-engine Lancair IV-P aircraft overshot the runway and crash-landed on a street near McKinney, Texas, collided with a vehicle.

The pilot was apparently making a forced landing at Aero County Airport following a trip from Midland, Texas, but couldn’t slow the aircraft near the end of the runway.

Local news reported that visitor Jack Schneider filmed the moment an airplane crashed into a car on Virginia Parkway.

According to the eyewitnesses, the pilot said that the plane’s reverse thrust, which slows it down, wasn’t operating and that it had been his inaugural landing at Aero Airport.

According to the report, paramedics from the McKinney Fire Department checked on the two passengers and the driver of the aircraft and the automobile. The motorist was eventually hospitalized with some minor injuries.

Jack Schneider explained that he was visiting the airport to collect a plane he would refurbish from another person.

He was standing on the side of the aircraft opposite the runway when he heard the plane approaching. Schneider said he saw a cloud of smoke rising from the tires. As an aeronautical engineer and pilot, he could see the pilot was flying much too fast to stop at the end of the runway.

He remarked that he knew something was going to happen, so he swiftly retrieved his cell phone to film. He said that everything about it seemed unexpected and unreal.

Schneider told the local news reporter that he called 911 and rushed to the site with a friend until emergency personnel arrived. He additionally stated that he shared his video with the FAA.
Investigators from the FAA announced they were on their way to the scene to determine what caused the accident. According to the article, motorists have been told to stay away from the region because of the prolonged road closures.