Video Shows Moment Woman Was Impaled By Garbage Truck

Deanna Beck, from San Diego, US, was hit by a Waste Management vehicle while walking through a parking lot.

Shocking footage shows when Deanna made her way to her Mission Valley apartment complex on February 5, 2021, before the truck backed into her.

Deanna was walking along a crosswalk in the underground parking area when the garbage truck moved away to her left.

The driver suddenly began reversing at great speed, with Deanna glancing over her shoulder – but it was too late.

Two large metal tines attached to the back of the vehicle edged closer toward her before she was horrifically impaled by one before she reached the end of the crossing.

As she was hit with the sword-like truck part, Deanna was thrown to the ground by the sheer impact and sustained severe injuries.

The former SeaWorld dolphin trainer suffered severe injury to her spine, neck, and tailbone and a traumatic brain injury that has since caused neurological issues.

Deanna claimed that following the horrific collision, she now suffers from seizures, insomnia, hearing loss, and vertigo.

She was later diagnosed with dysautonomia, which causes problems with the autonomic nervous system.
Since the incident, she also underwent neck surgery and has struggled with post-concussive syndrome – which affects concentration and memory.

Deanna could not return to work after the shocking incident and is now suing the company for damages.
The lawsuit filed at San Diego Central Courthouse alleges the driver was on his phone at the time, which is why Deanna wasn’t spotted.

Her attorneys, John Gomez and Corey Garrard, claimed that the driver had already been reprimanded several times for operating the garbage vehicle while using his mobile phone.

Since the incident, Deanna has attempted to claim her life back as she tried to continue to work as a bartender but found it difficult due to her memory loss.

Deanna is suing the Waste Management company for personal injury, hospital and medical expenses, lost wages, loss of earning capacity, and general damage.

The civil jury trial is set to start on October 13.