Use of Alcohol, Drugs Rising Among Ukrainian Troops Amid War

Nearly a century after World War II, the epidemic of amphetamine use continues unabated.

One kind of methamphetamine that the Germans gave to their soldiers by the millions was Pervitin. In the UK and the United States, Benzedrine, an alternative name for amphetamines, was used. Methamphetamine was utilized even in Japan by troops and war industry workers to boost combat spirit.

The sleep-reducing, stress-relieving, and morale-booster amphetamines were extensively utilized.  

As the situation has deteriorated drastically for Ukrainian soldiers, the usage of narcotics and alcohol is on the rise on the Ukrainian battlefields.

When faced with the horrors of war, many troops seek solace in substances like liquor and cocaine.

Ukrainian soldiers have heard similar tales of American troops taking MDMA today, and he compared it to the usage of LSD by American veterans who came back from Vietnam.  

The synthetic hallucinogen and stimulant MDMA is most often known by its street names, ecstasy (E) and molly. It has stimulating effects, distorts space and time perception, and makes sensory encounters more enjoyable.

The primary target of MDMA’s effects on the brain are cells that interact via the neurotransmitter serotonin, which has a role in the regulation of aggressiveness, sleep, pain sensitivity, sexual activity, and mood.

Some fighting for Ukraine are also involved in drug abuse, acquiring their narcotics from shadowy internet vendors controlled by the Ukrainian mafia. Some people have been known to kill innocent bystanders, military personnel, and even animals while under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

Some men have remained on frontline duty for up to eight months without downtime.

In Kyiv, distant from the front lines, there is a constant sense of nationalism and the idea that Ukraine will win the war. However, in Donbas, a much darker atmosphere prevails, with intoxicated troops mindlessly wandering in Kostyantynivka, where carcasses of animals line the streets.  

An enlisted man told foreign media that those who are compelled to serve don’t know what to do when faced with a crisis.  Some soldiers predict that Ukraine will lose the war.