US Declines On 12 of 29 Key Aspects During Biden Presidency

A recent poll gauging Americans’ level of satisfaction in different aspects of life in the United States has found dissatisfaction rising in a dozen areas, The Hill reported.

A Gallup survey released on February 22 found that under President Biden, public satisfaction has declined in more areas than it has improved.

The poll determines the “mood of the country” by measuring respondents’ satisfaction with 29 aspects of life in the United States.

Public satisfaction rose in only 5 areas compared to January 2021 when President Biden first took office. Another 12 areas have remained the same while 12 more saw a decline.

The areas with the sharpest fall in public satisfaction include the US military’s preparedness and strength, the level of immigration, US energy policies, and US policy on guns. All four of these areas polled with record lows in the recent survey.

The other areas that saw a decline in satisfaction compared to 2021 were federal taxes, the quality of healthcare, abortion policies, the economy, public education, the distribution of wealth, government regulations on business, and the role of women.

The only areas in which public satisfaction has increased compared to when Joe Biden took office were the position of minorities in America, the power and size of the federal government, race relations, the way the government works, and the country’s moral or ethical climate.

While those five areas saw an increase in public satisfaction, all of them remained below 50 percent in the Gallup survey, meaning more than half of the country is still unsatisfied with those aspects of American life.

Nearly half of the aspects of life respondents were surveyed on had a satisfaction level of below 33 percent.

Gallup concluded that while some numbers showed improvement compared to three years ago, Americans by and large remain dissatisfied with most issues of concern to the country, which may not work in Biden’s favor as he seeks reelection.