US Cities Crumble As Border Crisis Continues

Some of the nation’s largest localities are experiencing financial distress as a result of the record number of illegal migrants entering the country through the southern US border. This situation also applies demand on taxpayer dollars to bail them out.

According to S&P Global Ratings, 84% of the one hundred thousand immigrants transported by Texas since 2022 were routed through New York, Denver, and Chicago.

Denver, Colorado, a self-described “Sanctuary City,” which has the highest per capita migrant population in the United States, has depleted a minimum of $5 million from its revenues in 2024 to fund services for them. Additional cuts are looming.

Mayor Mike Johnston of Denver, with a population of just over 700,000, announced the city had received over 40,000 migrants since 2023. As a result, he will begin reducing the amount of new arrivals that will be accommodated.

Chicago, Illinois, is also a self-described “Sanctuary City.”

According to reports, Chicago Mayor Brandon Johnson set aside approximately $150 million for illegal immigration in his 2024 budget. However, a recent agreement with county and state leaders requires an additional $70 million.

Boisterous complaints by black activists and citizens accuse the mayor of favoring illegal migrants over long-term residents concerning money and crime.

On February 18th, four illegal immigrants from a facility in Chicago were captured and indicted for a 48-year-old male passenger’s assault, robbery, and strangulation on the Pink Line last Saturday afternoon.

An activist from Chicago named Tio Hardiman is urging Mayor Johnson to stop illegal migration to the city, stating that the needs of Chicagoans must be met. Hardiman is the director of Violence Interrupters.

In January, Alderman Anthony Beale of Chicago criticized the city for providing illegal immigrants with nine thousand dollars in giveaways every month, including housing, food vouchers, and more.

Reports show the city of Chicago has spent about $2 billion dealing with the influx of illegal immigrants caused by President Joe Biden’s refusal to secure the border.  There has been an outlay of over $1 billion for healthcare, over $120 million for ESL programs in public schools in FY24, and about $900 million for necessities such as legal aid, food, and shelter.