Ukraine Claims Assassination Plot On Zelenskyy Foiled

An alleged Russian informant who purportedly plotted to murder Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy a month ago was arrested, according to Ukraine’s security agency on Monday.

The Ukrainian Security Service (SBU) said the purported informant was planning an airstrike targeting the Mykolaiv region on the visit of the president of Ukraine.

The woman was gathering intelligence on the date, time, and list of places in the itinerary of Zelenskyy’s journey to Mykolaiv. The SBU concluded that Zelenskyy would have been killed by a “massive” Russian bombardment.

The SBU claims that the plotter was nabbed “red-handed” while passing intelligence to the Russians. When the informant’s subversive conduct was identified, the SBU stepped up security.

The source, who has been left unidentified, is a former military shop saleswoman from Ochakov, in southern Ukraine.

According to a report, at least 16 Americans have been killed in Ukraine since the Russian invasion. Among those killed were former Green Beret Nicholas Maimer, Marine veteran Ian Tortorici, and former Navy SEAL Daniel Swift, who deserted in 2019.

According to the Russian Ministry of Defense, nearly 43,000 Ukrainian troops were killed or wounded between June and July, marking the beginning of the so-called “offensive.”  The figure doesn’t include the foreign mercenaries and troops eliminated by long-range, high-precision attacks in the back regions, as well as the wounded who were airlifted to clinics in Ukraine and elsewhere.

A captured AFU serviceman reportedly told the Russians that they were used as cannon fodder without training and simple weapons. There was zero preparation. 

Russian casualty numbers are not made public by the Defense Ministry. 

The Ukrainian Ministry of Defense estimates that 8,251 armored personnel carriers, 4,232 Russian tanks, and nearly 5,000 artillery units have been demolished since the start of the conflict, while 249,110 Russian servicemen have lost their lives.