UC Berkeley Announces Taylor Swift Class

In the upcoming academic year, the University of California, Berkeley will introduce an intriguing new course focused on Taylor Swift, celebrating her ascent to billionaire status following the triumph of her Eras tour.

The Haas School of Business at Berkeley will host the new class, “Artistry and Entrepreneurship: Taylor’s Version,” set to commence in the spring semester, as reported by NBC News.

The course description highlights Swift’s exceptional talent for resonating with audiences. It aims to explore the intersection of art and authenticity, examining their roles in cultivating lasting worth and a successful business model.

The innovative course was conceived by economics alum Crystal Haryanto, who will also serve as an instructor alongside a currently enrolled student.

Haryanto, in a conversation with NBC, outlined the course’s interdisciplinary nature, spanning literature, economics, business, and sociology. She expressed a keen interest in analyzing Swift’s influence not only as a musician but as a multifaceted artist, with a particular focus on her use of literary techniques and their significance.

Spanning 13 weeks, the curriculum promises a dynamic learning experience through interactive lectures and a mix of reading and listening assignments.

Taylor Swift joins a prestigious roster of artists, including the Beatles, Madonna, Bad Bunny, and Harry Styles, who have been the subject of academic study, reflecting their significant impact on culture and entertainment.

In a related story of Taylor Swift’s feeding frenzy, Gannett Careers listed a position on their Dayforce website, seeking a journalist dedicated to covering Taylor Swift for USA Today and the Tennessean. The role calls for a seasoned, video-centric reporter who can adeptly report on the musical and cultural phenomena surrounding Taylor Swift.

The ideal candidate will be a dynamic content creator capable of writing, photographing, and engaging audiences on social media platforms, catering to a voracious appetite for content related to Taylor Swift.

This job will also involve documenting the significant highlights of Taylor Swift’s upcoming tour segments, requiring the reporter to undertake international travel.