U.S. Contractor Dies Overseas 

(PresidentialDaily.org)- One American contractor has perished, and five Americans and a civilian were injured on Thursday when an Iranian drone attacked them in Syria. 

In a news release issued Thursday night, the Pentagon confirmed that U.S. military aircraft had engaged in airstrikes against elements of Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps, which the Biden administration had labeled a terrorist organization in January. 

Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin declared in a statement, “At the instruction of President Biden, I authorized U.S. Central Command personnel to execute precision airstrikes tonight in eastern Syria targeting facilities utilized by terrorists linked with Iran’s Revolutionary Guard (IRGC).” The strikes were carried out because groups linked with the IRGC have recently launched a series of assaults against Coalition troops in Syria. 

On Thursday afternoon, a one-way unmanned aerial vehicle attacked a coalition troops maintenance station in Hasakah in northeast Syria, prompting a U.S. airstrike. The Department of Defense said that two military personnel and one U.S. contractor were treated at the scene, while the other four were sent to hospitals in Iraq. 

We will take all necessary actions to protect our people and always react at a time and place of our choice, as President Biden has made clear,” Austin added. “No faction will be able to attack our soldiers and get away with it.” 

The contractor’s family and coworkers are in our prayers, as are the others who were injured in the assault earlier today, he continued.