TV Anchor Canned After Using Major Quote

The NBC affiliate WLBT anchor Barbie Bassett has not been seen on air since March 8 and is no longer listed as a part of the station’s news staff on the website. The anchor made what some people consider an unforgivable faux pas.

The blunder occurred during a discussion about rapper Snoop Dogg’s newest California wine release.

After using a Snoop Dogg catchphrase live on air earlier this month, a Mississippi morning news woman seems to have lost her job.

The station’s general manager Ted Fortenberry said WLBT could not comment on personnel concerns.

When the prospect of Snoop possibly being added to the newsroom crew was brought up, Bassett responded, “Fo shizzle, my nizzle.”

Bassett, who claims to be the station’s first chief meteorologist, has been in the news before for her controversial remarks.

The slang term for the “N-word” is “nizzle.” Bassett tweeted the same thing in 2011.

In October 2022, the Mississippian broadcaster apologized for calling a black reporter’s grandmother “grandmammy.”

On air, she said she felt she owed the black woman an apology and said it was not at all at the core of her identity. “I apologize to everyone I may have hurt,” she said.

She said that her hurtful remark would never be undone. “I hope you may find mercy in your heart to forgive me for this terrible mistake.”

Charlamagne tha God, after hearing about her most recent gaffe, came to her defense on the air this week.

During “The Breakfast Club,” he expressed his opinion that her dismissal was unjustified.

She may have no idea what the word “nizzle” implies and said It shouldn’t be grounds for dismissing that lady.

Some online commenters have defended Bassett, while others have said a white lady should have never used the statement.