Trump Wants This Top RINO Behind Bars

Former president Donald Trump has voiced his wish for the incarceration of former Wyoming Representative, Republican Liz Cheney. Trump maintains Cheney lied and conducted a kangaroo court to remove him from ever being a future presidential contender.

The former president shared an article by John Solomon, editor of the news website Just the News, on Truth Social. Solomon discussed an interview with a Secret Service driver who denied the story that Trump attempted to commandeer the presidential limo on January 6, as professed by Cheney and her star witness, Cassidy Hutchinson. However, this exonerating information was not included in the final committee report. 

The presumptive Republican presidential candidate for 2024 is accused of spreading false information about massive voter fraud to his followers during the 2020 election, which allegedly incited the Capitol riot – even though Trump asked his followers to remain peaceful in their protests. The left and Cheney ignored Trump’s words and concluded that he marshaled an insurrection.

The DOJ charged Trump on four charges in August 2023 for his alleged role in the revolt. As far as Trump is concerned, the accusations against him are politically motivated, and he has repeatedly asserted his innocence.

There have been claims that, after the disturbance, Trump was physically aggressive with a Secret Service member and tried to seize possession of the presidential vehicle, presumably so he could join his followers in the Capitol ruckus. In 2022, at a hearing before a House select committee on January 6, Cassidy Hutchinson—who had previously worked for White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows—stated that she had no direct knowledge of the event, revealing that she was told about the account by a third party, rendering it hearsay evidence. Trump has denied these charges in the past.

The Capitol riot investigation was overseen by a nonpartisan select committee that included Cheney and another Republican, Adam Kinzinger. The select committee’s final report was released in December 2022, revealing the allegations that Trump and his associates had sought to overturn the 2020 election results. 

In response to Cheney’s stance against the former president, the Wyoming Republican Party has likewise condemned her and no longer recognized her as a GOP member.