Trump Trial Likely Delayed Among Other Bad News For Former President

Since Donald Trump’s victory in the 2016 election, Republicans have fared poorly in nearly every subsequent election cycle. In 2018, the party was trounced in the federal midterms and lost control of the house of representatives by a massive margin. In 2020, Trump lost re-election becoming one of the very few incumbent presidents not to earn a second term and Democrats seized narrow control of the senate, earning a massive “trifecta” in terms of control of the federal executive branch and the two vital  houses of congress. In 2022, during a cycle that was expected to be favorable to Republicans, Democrats outperformed their opponents, losing a small number of seats in the house of representatives and taking a clearer control of the federal senate. Many establishment level Republicans and media pundits across the country have deemed the former president Donald Trump as a “toxic” political figure and a detriment to the party. While Trump undoubtedly has galvanized working class voters and helped realign many former white Democrats with the GOP, he has alienated affluent voters, independents across the board, and women. Many in the 2024 Republican presidential primary (including Chris Christie) have called him an unelectable candidate.

Trump remains a polarizing figure and has been attacked quite regularly by the media, Democrats, and his own party members. He currently faces four criminal indictments and is still largely viewed in an unfavorable light by most Americans. Despite this, he continues to dominate in Republican primary polls and holds a commanding lead over his many challengers. In the face of all adversity, he remains active. Recently, Trump endured a family loss when his sister Maryanne passed away.

Trump received more bad news recently when a judge suggested that one of Trumps indictment trials set for March 4th will likely be delayed. This case is related to the January 6th incidents, and has been brought by a federal special counsel named Jack Smith.