Trump To Stop Calling Hillary Clinton “Crooked Hillary”

The consummate nicknamer is making a change to one of his past gems.

Former president Donald Trump says he has new plans for the old moniker he gave Hillary Clinton. He plans to drop the “crooked” tag he gave Hillary and pin it to Joe Biden.

Regarding Biden’s scandals, Trump said at a New Hampshire rally that the press refuses to report about it. He said there has never been anyone in American politics so dishonest or “crooked” as Joe Biden, which makes them “just as dishonest as he is.”

According to Trump, on Tuesday, Joe Biden announced that he will run again in 2024. He said he’s running to give us another “disastrous” four more years.

Trump began his remarks at the event by saying this election is now about success and failure, peace and conflict, safety and anarchy, and prosperity and catastrophe.” 

He said we are in the “midst of a disaster,” but together, we can defeat Joe Biden in 2024’s presidential election on November 5th and “reclaim the White House.” 

Trump said that victory at the polls would be the final chapter in his unfinished business.

During his speech, he applauded the support of more than 50 state legislators in New Hampshire.

While mocking Biden for being seen with cards listing the questions the complicit media working him, Trump also said he would take questions after the speech.

Trump noted that they never did that with him at the White House.

Trump slammed Biden and compared their government’s policies, successes, and shortcomings.

Trump told his supporters that he cares about enriching families, whereas Joe Biden cares only about enriching his own family.

The pro-Trump audience chanted, “We love you,” to which he responded,  “I love you, too.” He said that is why he is running. 

Trump issued his famous warning, which he kept repeating throughout the speech- the government is not coming after him. They are coming “after you.” 

He said, “he is the obstacle” in their way.