Trump Shares Bizarre Father’s Day Post on Truth Social 

In a mocking Father’s Day style post, the former 45th President Donald Trump attacked leftists in the American political sphere. On Truth Social, Trump wished a happy Father’s Day to all, and singled out leftists, calling them degenerates who had the intention of making the United States a third world country. Trump, long known for his no-nonsense, no-filter, bombastic, off-the-cuff and uncensored approach to politics, continued his trademark style of abrasive message delivering with the Father’s Day statement. Ultimately, while Trump remains a very popular figure in conservative American politics and enjoys widespread support amongst a shrinking chunk of far-right, hardline, ultra-conservative voters, he is not a palatable or attractive candidate to millions of other Americans, including center-right, moderate-centrist, and center-left prospective voters. 

A recent article by the conservative media outlet Newsmax projected that Trump enjoys a favorability rating of only about 41%. The incumbent president though, Joe Biden, remains equally as disliked, and in the same report was given a 37% approval rating, a historic low for a president seeking re-election. It is clear that the nation is heavily politically divided, and many individuals simply do not like both men. Both men are divisive figures, but it is likely that they will be the candidates for the 2024 general election contest in November. The state of American politics is arguably as volatile and divided as it has ever been since the American Civil War. 

A recent report by the statistical firm Gallup showcased just how disgusted Americans are with the current two party political system. A record number of people, or 63% of respondents polled, claimed that they wanted a third party choice and one that is viable. The future remains quite uncertain and the reality is that most Americans are likely to express feelings of fear, anxiety, nervousness, and emotions like anger, hatred, or even sadness or sorrow when discussing politics in the present state of national affairs.