Trump Says The DOJ Is Coming For Him Soon

In light of the impending decision on whether to press charges related to the handling of sensitive information at Donald Trump’s Florida residence, lawyers for the former president met with Justice Department officials on Monday.

On Monday morning, after spending almost an hour there, James Trusty, Lindsey Halligan, and John Rowley, three of Trump’s attorneys, left the Department of Justice headquarters in Washington. They did not answer reporters’ inquiries as they climbed into a black SUV and drove off.

Two weeks ago, Trump’s legal team asked to speak with Attorney General Merrick Garland about what they saw as prosecutorial misconduct and overreach by the team led by special counsel Jack Smith. However, defense attorneys frequently utilize their meetings with Justice Department officials to attempt to dissuade prosecutors from filing criminal charges.

It was unclear at first who represented the Justice Department at the gathering. The Justice Department and Smith’s office declined to comment immediately after the meeting.

After it was over, Trump asked in all capital letters on his Truth Social platform how the DOJ could charge him— he did nothing wrong. 

A second investigation into the existence of secret materials at the office and residence of President Joe Biden is still underway, which he compared to the inquiry into his 2016 opponent Hillary Clinton, which ended with no charges of criminality. Even more so, he called it a “witch hunt.”

It is expected that a charging decision on the possible mishandling of secret materials at Mar-a-Lago will be made soon. Prosecutors have brought diverse witnesses, including Trump’s attorneys and close aides, to testify before a grand jury.

Smith is also in charge of a second inquiry investigating whether or if Trump and his associates may try to overturn the outcome of the 2020 presidential election.

When or if charges will be filed is unclear.

Trump wrote on Truth Social that the DOJ is coming for him soon.