Trump Reveals Where He Wants to Retire at NRA Meeting

It would seem that Texas might soon welcome an additional former president.

Donald Trump, speaking to an enthusiastic audience of Texans at Saturday’s National Rifle Association (NRA) annual convention in Dallas, announced his wish to retire in the Lone Star State.

The former business magnate and current politician has long spoken about his infatuation with the state, and dropping it as a retirement destination is only the latest example.

Texas Governor Greg Abbott, a Republican, hailed the ex-president and warned the audience that they must remove Joe Biden from office and restore Donald Trump to the presidency.

Trump expressed his gratitude to the governor, who became famous for busing illegal migrants from the Texas–Mexico border to major cities like Denver, New York, and Chicago and was later named one of Time magazine’s 100 most influential people.

Trump spoke about the Republican governor of Texas, praising him as a unique individual and popular politician.

Trump also told the audience that he went golfing with Tony Romo, a former quarterback for the Dallas Cowboys.  He called Tony Romo a really talented golfer and joked that he was a better golfer than a football player.

Trump felt compelled to mention the border problem, which is particularly relevant to Texas. He said that although there are many tales to tell, the most tragic is that the state and the nation have been transformed into a refuse for the world by corrupt Joe Biden.

The former president made light of the falling crime rate in Venezuela, as people have fled to the United States, joking that the National Rifle Association should have their annual gathering there instead of the United States.

According to Texas media, Trump outdid both past presidents, Obama and Biden, in terms of the number of times they visited Texas during their days in office.

Furthermore, he has shown his undying affection for the state by visiting thirteen more times in the years after his departure from government.

Although he has announced his possible retirement in Texas, which is fantastic news for Texans, it does make one wonder why he has no plans to retire in Florida. Maybe the humidity in Florida isn’t for everyone.