Trump Reveals He Asked AI to Rewrite His Speech, Praised Result

The advances in artificial intelligence have been accelerating at remarkable speeds within the past three years, with tools such as ChatGPT and Deepfake becoming seemingly life-like in their proficiency and accuracy. However, many citizens as well as U.S. lawmakers and other notable figures have theorized that AI may be on the rise to do more harm than good, with its rapid advancements. It seems as though AI has even made its way into the hands of former President Donald Trump, who recently revealed in an interview that he had used AI to help write one of his recent speeches. Trump even suggested that many writers should use the tool to help them in their writing. 

Former President Trump was the latest guest on the hit YouTube podcast, Impaulsive, starring famous influencer host Logan Paul and co-host Mike Majlak. Filmed at Trump’s Mar-A-Lago home in Florida, Trump revealed to Paul and Majlak that he had recently written one of his speeches using artificial intelligence. While discussing AI, Trump stated that AI is “really powerful stuff”. Trump praised the new technology by stating that AI can still be used for good, despite the concerns of others. Trump seemed enamored by the fact that within a few clicks, he was able to produce a full speech. Trump continued to praise AI by explaining the type of speech it helped him write, which was about young firefighters. Trump praised how exceptionally well-written the AI speech was, and that he had never seen anything like it. 

Co-host Mike Majlak jokingly asked Trump what he said to his speech writer after discovering AI, in which Trump then looked into the camera and humorously stated, “You’re fired, Vince!’

Former President Donald Trump concluded his comments on AI by stating that the new technology has the most beautiful writing. Trump even stated that he believes the industry of speech writers will no longer be needed after AI.