Trump Claims Dictator Remarks Were Just a Joke

In a scathing attack on Monday, former President Donald Trump criticized the New York Times and its chief White House correspondent, Peter Baker, for what he deemed as inaccurate reporting on his recent “dictator” comments.

On his Truth Social platform, Trump vented his frustration, referring to Baker as a “Fake News writer” and highlighting the decline in readership and subscriptions of the “Failing New York Times” during his presidency. He accused Baker of having an agenda against him, stating, “he will never write anything good about the GREAT job President Trump did.”

Trump pointed to a front-page story written by Baker, where he claimed that Trump wanted to be a dictator. However, Trump argued that the remark was made in a joking manner and followed by his intention to close the border and emphasize drilling. According to Trump, this changed the attitude and meaning behind his statement.

The concern over Trump’s rhetoric, particularly his threats to use the powers of government to punish his critics, has sparked alarm across the country. Baker’s Saturday article highlighted this alarm, citing an incident where one of Trump’s allies called for a historian to be imprisoned after they warned against a potential dictatorship under Trump’s leadership.

Trump’s involvement in this news cycle intensified on Veterans Day, when he pledged to “root out” various perceived threats within the country, including communists, Marxists, fascists, and radical left thugs. He emphasized the need to protect America from these internal forces and vowed to “MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!”

Critics swiftly condemned Trump’s dehumanizing rhetoric, prompting his spokesperson, Steven Cheung, to release a statement defending the remarks. Cheung dismissed those who considered the assertion ridiculous as “snowflakes” suffering from “Trump Derangement Syndrome.” He further claimed their existence would be crushed once Trump returned to the White House.

The public response to Trump’s comments has been mixed, with some expressing concern over his willingness to entertain the idea of dictatorship. In contrast, others remain steadfast in supporting his strong leadership style. As the debate continues, the nation eagerly awaits the outcome of future elections and their potential impact on the country’s democratic values.