Trump Accuses World Leader Of Catering To China

During Emmanuel Macron’s recent, carefully anticipated visit to China, former US President Trump criticized the French president for bowing to China’s leader Xi Jinping.

According to the report, French President Emmanuel Macron came under fire from former US President Donald Trump during his recent visit to Beijing. Trump accused Macron of bowing to Chinese leader Xi Jinping.

Trump, who hopes to win the presidency again in 2024, has built an antagonistic relationship with China while calling Xi Jinping a “friend.”

In a TV interview, Trump criticized President  Biden’s foreign policy decisions   eliminating the United States as a global leader.

In an interview with Tucker Carlson on Fox News, Trump said the United States gets no voice while the globe explodes around us. He remarked that one has to wonder what the hell is going on. Trump suggested that his friend Macron was in China kissing Xi’s posterior.  

Macron urged the EU to become less reliant on the US at the conclusion of his trip last week and warned against being sucked into an untenable situation over Taiwan, fueled  by American suggestions and Chinese hyperactive responses.

There was pushback in both the United States and Europe after the interview.

A top French diplomat remarked to journalists that Emmanuel Macron does not regret his words from an interview in China. 

The diplomat emphasized that Macron’s attitude toward China and Taiwan had not changed and that the content of his speech, which centered on his idea of European strategic autonomy, was apparent.

Reports show that after Macron departed for France, Beijing immediately began major military maneuvers encircling the island, including mock assaults.

A mock assault also happened after President Tsai Ing-wen of Taiwan met with the Speaker of the House, Kevin McCarthy, the week before.

It has been reported that Macron has consistently stood on the side of European strategic sovereignty. This would lead to greater military cooperation inside the European Union as a whole. Macron claims that implementing these policies will establish the EU as a third global power alongside America and China.