Tourist Dies After Being Electrocuted in Hot Tub in Mexico Resort

In the Mexican coastal town of Puerto Peńasco, also called Rocky Point, a man died after being electrocuted in a jacuzzi at a resort hotel.

According to his family, a married couple from El Paso was visiting a resort in Mexico when they took a dip in a jacuzzi, which ultimately proved fatal for the husband and severely injured the wife.

Around 8:30 p.m. on Tuesday, Jorge Guillen, 43, passed away, and his wife Lizette Zambrano, 35, suffered injuries in the jacuzzi at the Sonoran Sea Resort in Puerto Peñasco due to an “electric discharge” that shocked them both. 

According to a witness, onlookers desperately tried to pull the pair out of the water, but the electrical current kept them from making firm contact with their bodies. As one woman attempted to join the hot tub, she felt the electric charge. Social media videos capture the hectic scene following the accident, with onlookers yelling as they try to assist the pair.

Puerto Peñasco is a beach town in northwest Mexico that is popular with American travelers. It is situated close to the Arizona border on the Gulf of California, popularly known as the Sea of Cortez.

The Sonora State Attorney General’s Office said in a news release that the man and woman were shocked in an outdoor jacuzzi next to a swimming pool at private condominiums.

The unsettling footage, which has gone viral, shows onlookers screaming in terror as CPR chest compressions are performed on the man who was eventually pulled out of the jacuzzi.

Similar electrocutions in hot tubs and jacuzzis have happened in the past because of faulty wiring that causes an electrical charge to enter the water. Not connecting it to a GFCI (Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter), which guards against electrocution, is illegal in many areas.