Tim Scott Refuses to Answer Question Over If He’d Pardon Trump

On Fox News Sunday, Shannon Bream interviewed presidential candidate Tim Scott who reiterated his disagreement with former President Barack Obama’s remarks about voters’ skepticism toward minority Republicans like himself and Nikki Haley. 

Scott also took the opportunity to reiterate his disagreement with former President Barack Obama’s remarks about minority Republicans, such as himself and Nikki Haley, facing skepticism from voters. 

Toward the end of the interview, Bream shifted the discussion to Trump’s recent indictment on obstruction of justice, conspiracy, and violations of the Espionage Act related to mishandling classified documents.

Senator Scott’s stance on the seriousness of the Trump case has been inconsistent. 

When pressed on what action he would take, he responded by expressing a desire to “dismiss” President Joe Biden, Attorney General Merrick Garland, and FBI Director Chris Wray, signaling his dissatisfaction with the current administration.

“We need to address the political appointments within the Department of Justice to restore confidence and integrity in its operations,” Scott emphasized. 

“In our justice system, it is crucial that Lady Justice remains impartial, treating all Americans fairly. 

Unfortunately, the current Department of Justice seems to be selectively targeting Republicans while shielding Democrats.”

Following Scott’s concerns regarding the alleged politicization of the DOJ and its impact on conservatives, Bream inquired, “Do you believe the indictment is politically motivated?” 

She also questioned Scott about whether he would follow in the footsteps of his primary rival, Vivek Ramaswamy, who pledged to pardon Donald Trump of any federal charges in the event of a guilty verdict if he were to become president.

In response, Scott replied, “I prefer not to engage in hypothetical scenarios, but I want to emphasize that every American is presumed innocent until proven guilty.”

Former President Donald Trump has three court cases on the horizon. One in New York City stemming from an indictment from NY DA Alvin Bragg, his recent Florida court appearance for mishandling classified documents, and another charge in the state of Georgia for trying to influence the voting tally in the 2020 election.