“The View” is Angry Because Trump Doesn’t Show Fear

According to a report, the far-left women of ABC’s The View should have been in a good mood after former president Donald Trump’s second arraignment. Despite this, they were feeling very down since Trump showed no signs of fear. They were also concerned that some “nutty MAGA” supporter would be selected for the jury, ensuring that the defendant would avoid jail time.

Clips of Trump fans rallying outside the federal courtroom in Miami, Florida, and the former President chatting with some of them were shown cast a desperate and sad tone over The View women.

The first to express worry that Trump had made a mockery of the process by not demonstrating fear of the judicial system was the racist co-host Sunny Hostin.

She was also disappointed that there was no ‘mugshot’ and they weren’t able to have him surrender his passport. She called it unjust.

Earlier in June, Sunny Hostin stated white women are servile to their white husbands. And that was why Trump got elected in 2016.


Hostin wasn’t the sole cast member questioning the integrity of the law enforcement establishment. Co-host Joy Behar questioned the impartiality of the judge presiding over the case, calling her a “Trump flunky” because she was appointed by then-President Trump.

She sneered and made up a claim that Judge Cannon had declared that Trump deserved special treatment.

The report showed that Behar offered no proof for her assertion, although she may be referring to when Cannon ordered a special master to examine the papers. However, that event happened months ago and has now concluded. There was nothing pending, and her suggestion had nothing to do with the trial.

Behar even chastised the jurors. The lawsuit will be in Florida and claimed that a single crazy MAGA person on the jury could result in a hung jury. There will be appeals, and he might be elected president.

Whoopi Goldberg ended the show by ordering everyone to stop discussing Hillary Clinton’s illegally destroyed classified emails and President Biden’s unsecured classified documents.