Tesla Sued Over Racial Abuse Allegations

On Thursday, the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) stated that it had filed a lawsuit against Elon Musk’s electric car business, Tesla, over allegations of racism.

According to a press release from the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, black workers at Tesla’s production facility in Fremont, California, endured years of racist harassment and disparaging remarks from at least 2015 through 2023. It is claimed that the firm condoned the racist treatment and retaliated illegally against individuals who spoke out.

“Black employees at Tesla’s Fremont, California production sites have consistently faced racial abuse, persistent stereotyping, and antagonism,” writes the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. Slurs were freely and casually used in heavily trafficked places and worker hubs. A variety of the N-word, threats, nooses, and swastikas were frequently found on desks, other office equipment, restroom stalls, elevators, and even brand-new vehicles as they rolled off the assembly line.

According to the announcement, employees who spoke against racism faced retaliation through termination, transfer, or other adverse job actions. Charlotte A. Burrows, the current chair of the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC), was chosen for her position by President Joe Biden.

“No worker should face the kind of terrible racial intolerance our research showed,” Burrows said. “Every employee deserves to have their civil rights protected.” EEOC Chairwoman Chai Feldblum said the action makes clear that no firm is above the law, and the EEOC will actively enforce federal civil rights safeguards to help ensure American workplaces are free from retaliation and harassment.

The lawsuit said non-black management, supervisory, and line-level employees displayed excessive racism. The N-word was used often by many non-black workers.

Musk has been under scrutiny from the Biden administration ever since he took control of Twitter (now X) in October and revealed the censoring of conservatives by his predecessors.
One wonders if Musk is “free of retaliation” for his recent outspokenness that runs afoul of leftwing dogma.