Tesla Cybertruck Breaks Down After Car Wash, Sparks Longevity Concerns

Over the last several years the United states has been engulfed in a serious cultural, political, economic and, social battle. Indeed, this conflict has not been won in the literal sense in terms of physical altercations , but in the spiritual and moral sense the nation has truly been at a crossroads and an impasse for several years. The country is divided today perhaps more so than at any other time since the American Civil War over 150 years ago, and polarization and tensions at the political level continue to worsen. Progressives and conservatives alike continue to battle with one another over the agenda , and direction of the country and the national government and even state and local governments at large. The situation within the United states can be described accurately as a ship without a captain, or a plane without a destination. Most Americans believe that political tensions will only become worse , and recent polls show that people are truly concerned about the direction of the country with most believing that the overall direction is one that is poor and not positive.

Many issues have been debated by conservatives and progressives over recent years, in terms of the economic, social, and cultural policies that dominate American politics. One issue that has been at the forefront of political debate and discussion has been the issue of “climate change” and renewable energy. Many progressives at every level of government have promoted the enactment of strong regulation on the energy sector and have championed high tax policies that would result in serious rises in energy costs for corporations and middle class households alike.

Many Democrat-run states have promoted a ban on the sale of non-electric vehicles by the 2030s. Regardless, electric cars are unaffordable for many Americans, and quite questionably reliable. A Tesla cybertruck recently made headlines after allegedly being deemed disabled in a car wash, a shock to many.