Teens Get 20 Years For Fatal Carjacking Of Elderly Woman

Three juveniles admitted to lesser charges in connection with the 2022 deadly carjacking of a senior citizen in New Orleans, Louisiana.

A report showed that the victim’s family was traumatized by the event, and each of the three defendants has now been sentenced to 20 years in prison.

According to the report, three juveniles were taken into custody after the horrific incident. A male (17), a female (16), and two females, both 15 years old.

The horrific carjacking that took place in Mid-City’ resulted in Linda Frickey’s murder. The woman was partly entangled in her seatbelt when the thieves grabbed her car, according to authorities.

Linda Frickey was pulled from the car after being dragged for more than a block, severing her arm.

Frickey was assaulted as she was leaving her office, as captured on video.

According to the victim’s sister, Jinny Frickey, the perpetrators cruelly began beating, mace, and dragging the victim out of the vehicle. She found it hard to comprehend that Linda had been slain.

She said that upon hearing the news, she collapsed on the floor in tears and regretted not being able to help her sister. She wished she had been there.

After the sentence, members of the victim’s family discussed the remarks made by two of the offenders with the media.

Jinny Frickey said she had faith they meant it when they said they were sorry. Because, in retrospect, you often feel remorse for what you did. But sadly, they did it, and now they’re going to prison.

A report of the trial states that one defendant stood before Frickey’s relatives, wringing her hands, and said that she hoped they could all forgive her. That was not what they wanted to happen, she added.

District Attorney Jason Williams’s office said that prosecutors would refrain from making any comments until the case concludes.

The statement went on to say that the three accused had taken responsibility for their part in this terrible crime but that they wanted to emphasize the extraordinary grace of Mrs. Frickey’s family in reaction to their statements.