Ted Cruz Celebrates As Democrat Mayor Struggles With Migrant Crisis

When asked about the complaints of leftist mayors about the surge of illegal immigrants into their communities, Texas Senator Ted Cruz (R) stated he found it “amusing.”

Cruz told Harris Faulkner of Fox News that it’s amusing, especially for a Texan like himself, because we had 7 million illegal aliens with Joe Biden in office. It’s amusing to see Eric Adams express his displeasure about 100,000, but he still never seems to take responsibility for his actions. It’s clear that Biden, Harris, and Chuck Schumer have made a decision based on politics.

If Eric Adams needs to get in touch with someone, New York is where you’ll find Chuck Schumer. He correctly assesses that illegal immigration is wreaking havoc on New York City. He should call Chuck Schumer and urge him to cease advocating for open borders and shielding the Biden administration while they expand the borders illegally.

A report reveals that New York City Mayor Eric Adams (D) is contemplating setting up tents in Central Park to house illegal immigrants since the city is too congested.

According to a report, Officials at City Hall acknowledged to NBC News that migrants may soon be settling in other famous parts of the city, such as Central Park.

At a recent Upper West Side town hall meeting, Adams lost his cool in response to a question on the migrant issue caused by Joe Biden’s open borders policy, explaining to New Yorkers that he’s never faced an issue that he couldn’t see a solution for but there seems to be no way out of this. New York City is doomed if this problem isn’t fixed. It will Kill New York City.

According to authorities, almost 60,000 people seeking asylum are being housed in the city, and around 110,000 have crossed via the five boroughs since last Spring.