Ted Cruz Calls For The Execution Of Child Predators

Just the opposite actually. Texas Senator Ted Cruz is staunchly against a Ugandan law that puts child predators to death, calling it both “grotesque & an abomination,” according to National File. He called on all nations to denounce the law. 

The legislation was recently signed by Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni. It targets gay pedophiles that abuse and exploit children. News outlets are calling it the world’s harshest anti-LGBTQ+ bill passed thus far. 


Ugandan supporters of the bill say that it is intended to protect children from the predatory LGBTQ+ lobby. Politicians of the country are also arguing that the legislation will fight back against the colonialism of the United States and the Western world that have infected other parts of the world with this dangerous ideology. They are accusing the West of turning its back on God and are now saying that this bill protects African cultural sovereignty and their children. 

Uganda reportedly had a law in place that criminalized gay relations with a punishment of life behind bars. The new legislation now includes the death penalty and defines “serial offenders” as those who transmit a terminal illness or AIDS/HIV through gay intercourse, or those who have gay intercourse with a disabled person. 

Allies of the LGBTQ+ community might also face penalties as the law considers the promotion of its activity worth up to 20 years in prison. News media outlets and non-governmental organizations will face fines for their promotion as well. 

Support was overwhelming as more than 340 Ugandan politicians voted to approve the legislation, with only one voting in opposition. Museveni tried to prove or disprove whether being gay was genetic but was advised by alleged experts that being gay was psychological. He proceeded to call gay people “disoriented” and condemned “recruitment.”