Teacher Given Probation After “Kill List” Is Revealed

The East Chicago, Indiana Catholic school teacher who admitted to keeping a “kill list” of staff and students was sentenced to 30 months probation last week, WTHR reported.

Former fifth-grade teacher Angelica Carrasquillo-Torres pleaded guilty to felony intimidation last Monday after admitting last fall that she kept a list of students and staff she wanted to kill.

Carrasquillo-Torres was arrested in October for allegedly telling a student at St. Stanislaus Catholic School that she kept a “kill list” and the student’s name was on it.

WFLD reported at the time that Carrasquillo-Torres told the student that she was suicidal and wanted to kill staff and students at the school, according to East Chicago police.

According to court documents, after the student reported the conversation, the principal and assistant principal immediately confronted Carrasquillo-Torres, escorted her from the building, and notified law enforcement.

When the school officials confronted her, Carrasquillo-Torres admitted to keeping a “kill list” but claimed that it was a joke. She gave them the name of one student on her list but refused to reveal all of the names. When asked why she kept such a list, the 25-year-old Carrasquillo-Torres claimed to be suffering from mental health issues related to trauma from when she was in high school.

After her arrest, over 100 parents sent a letter to school officials and the Diocese in Gary, Indiana demanding a meeting and requesting that a restraining order be placed on Carrasquillo-Torres to keep her away from students and staff.

As part of her plea, Carrasquillo-Torres will be barred from working at a school or childcare facility during her probation. She will be required to receive court-monitored mental health treatment and must not contact any victims in the case.

Once her probation is complete, Carrasquillo-Torres will be allowed to petition the court to reduce her conviction to a misdemeanor.