Taylor Swift Urges Fans To Vote

On Tuesday, which was National Voter Registration Day, a Democrat cheerleader encouraged her youthful supporters to get out to vote in the presidential election of 2024.

Pop phenomenon Taylor Swift, the globetrotting climate change activist who performs for Communist human rights-abusing China and favors Democrats and opposes Republicans, is encouraging her followers (Swifties) to register to vote before the upcoming presidential election in the United States of America.

On her Instagram Stories, Swift stated that she’s been so happy to see so many of the Swifties at her gig, witnessing the intensity of their voices, and she is aware of how powerful they are. She advised her fans to make sure they make use of their voices in this year’s elections.

According to reports, Swift voiced her opposition to particular legislation in June. She was reportedly alluding to state laws that attempt to protect children from dangerous types of radical LGBTQQIAAP2S+ indoctrination, such as irreversible body modification, sexually explicit drag shows, and other forms of radical indoctrination.

She made the point that we couldn’t talk about pride without talking about pain.

Swift said that currently, as well as throughout the past few years, several ‘detrimental pieces of legislation have put persons who are a part of the LGBTQ[QIAAP2s+] and queer community at risk.’

She said it is a trying experience for everyone– every friend, loved one, and individual residing within these communities.

Swift, whose fan base includes many gay males, urged her followers to vote appropriately. Abortion and homosexual rights were crucial considerations when choosing a presidential candidate.

The singer has leveraged “wokeness” to further her singing career in a way that must make the Dixie Chicks envious.

The Grammy award-winning Taylor Swift continuously sells out large arenas and has a net worth of $740,000,000.