Suspected Human Smuggler Arrested After He Shot Border Agents

A South Texas man faces federal criminal charges for allegedly opening fire on U.S. Border Patrol officials who attempted to apprehend him in a dry, brushy area near the town of Progreso, close to the border. The suspect is believed to be involved in human trafficking.

Rafael Arriazola is facing two charges in relation to a federal criminal case that was filed in Brownsville, Texas. The first allegation is for assaulting a federal officer, and the second is for transporting illegal migrants.

Arriazola was ordered jailed without bail until future hearings at his appearance before U.S. Magistrate Judge Karen Betancourt.

After crossing the Rio Grande, a group of Mexican illegal immigrants became disoriented amid the thick vegetation. After stumbling onto a trailer, one migrant asked for assistance. Inside, a mother contacted her son Arriazola, who volunteered to accompany him to the home of a relative in Donna, Texas. 

Authorities assert that Arriazola accompanied the migrant in his search for the other migrants, armed with a weapon. 

U.S. Border Patrol personnel attempted to capture the two, but Arriazola opened fire on one of them. On May 22, in Progreso, the FBI reacted and detained Arriazola. Until his trial, he will likely stay in federal detention.

President Biden is accusing Republicans in Congress of obstructing his so-called ‘border enforcement’ of the record-breaking numbers of illegal immigrants entering the country.

The Senate narrowly rejected a measure on May 23rd that would have allowed tens of thousands of illegal migrants to cross the border while also expanding legal immigration. 

The vote was 43 to 50.

The bill would have raised the number of yearly green card admissions to 50,000, accelerated the process of getting labor authorization for illegal migrants who are released into the interior of the United States, and allowed about 35,000 migrant interactions at the border before DHS could implement border restrictions.

The leadership of the House Republican group has documented sixty-four executive orders that the president has issued since assuming office in 2021, all of which have contributed to unprecedented amounts of illegal immigration.

The list of measures includes putting a stop to the building of the border wall, canceling the Remain in Mexico policy, doing away with Title 42, ending cooperative effort deals with Central America, and establishing a parole process for illegal migrants wanting release into the United States.