Stormy Daniels Screens Troublesome Trump Documentary

Stormy Daniels promoted her new documentary at a Brooklyn LGBTQ club on Monday night after a judge said she may testify at Trump’s future hush money trial.

Witnesses, including porn actress Stephanie Clifford (aka Stormy Daniels), ex-Playboy model Karen McDougal, and attorney Michael Cohen will be able to testify in the case regarding document falsification, according to an order by Manhattan Justice Juan Merchan on Monday.

The complaint over Daniels’ documentary “Stormy,” in which she talked about the hush money, was not addressed in Merchan’s decision. According to Trump’s legal team, this should result in either the indictment being dismissed or the trial being postponed.

A week before the start of jury selection, the film was reportedly leaked, and Trump’s defense attorneys were unaware of its existence and that Daniels’s words in it might prejudice the former president’s case.

Daniels and her tiny entourage were spotted exiting the gay club 3 Dollar Bill on a brisk Brooklyn, New York evening just after the ruling. The club hosted a screening of Stormy, a documentary that included the porn star.

Falsifying papers related to a hush-money payment that Cohen made to Daniels before the 2016 presidential election was the accusation leveled against the former president in the Manhattan case. Stormy was reportedly having an affair with Trump in 2006, and the money was made to keep her quiet about it.

Trump asked Merchan to block Cohen and Watkins’ testimony last month because Cohen had a history of dishonesty and was likely to mislead again. Trump also thought Daniels would try to use the trial as a platform to sell her stories.

During the trial, the court will address whether to offer McDougal a limited opportunity to testify. According to McDougal, she was romantically involved with Trump.

Cohen acknowledged a violation of federal campaign funding regulations in 2018.

According to the prosecution, Trump’s campaign paid Daniels in October 2016 because they were worried about his support from women voters. This followed the public disclosure of an ‘Access Hollywood’ tape in which Trump allegedly made sexist comments about female employees.